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Galenical products are extemporaneous medicines in semi-solid and liquid dosage forms such as ointments, creams, lotions, syrups, solutions and other forms of liquid preparations.

At Xorix, with our dedicated specialty RTD facility, we are restoring the effectiveness of gold standard galenical medicine by addressing the deficiencies in the existing galenical medicines supplies. The galenical medicines produced at Xorix are;

In compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Standards that are in accordance with the PICS protocol, the de facto standard of pharmaceutical GMP;

The Gold Standard

o    Manufactured directly into Ready To Dispense packing as the finished product to ensure the medicines are not compromised;

o    Tested properly of its shelf life to ensure the potency of the medicine are within the specifications when it is being prescribed and dispensed to the patient;

o    Developed using the right formulation and raw material so that the medicine can withstand the rigor of tropical conditions;

o    Made with proper label with dual language of both English and Bahasa so that the patient can easily understand how to properly store and take the medicine; and

o    Packed in properly tested packaging material to ensure the medicine can sustain its potency during its intended shelf life.